Granny for PC: Chapter 2 Walkthrough: How to Escape Using the Helicopter

Granny: Chapter 2 is a portable endurance loathsomeness game that can be played on Microsoft Windows, Android and iOS gadgets. Visit for mroe info.

Like its enormously mainstream archetype, the independent title appears as an intricate and intensely randomized getaway room. More or less, players will have up to six in-game days to break out of a tangled house by addressing recondite riddles and escaping the nominal granny, who is continually watching the passages.

For the 2019 spin-off, the activity was migrated to a lot bigger structure and an optional adversary was tossed in with the general mish-mash, known as grandpa. Thusly, it’s impressively harder than the main game, with more tangled riddles and an expanded shot at being gotten by a stalker.

After some time, Granny: Chapter 2 has been refreshed with additional substance, new things and elective getaway strategies. Most as of late, a helicopter was added to the top of grandpa’s home, implying that players currently have three distinct approaches to beat the game.


Step by step instructions to Escape Granny: Chapter 2 with the Helicopter

On the off chance that you decide to escape by means of the helicopter, as opposed to the boat or the electric entryway, then, at that point you should gain at least 10 separate items. The issue with this is that thing position in Granny: Chapter 2 is fairly randomized, making it somewhat hard to expect precisely where you need to go in any given playthrough. That being said, certain things have a propensity for producing in similar areas without fail, so you can set up a bit.

To work the helicopter, you should discover the helicopter manual, the helicopter key, the security key, a roll of channel tape, a glass combine, a gas canister and an immobilizer. What’s more, you will likewise have to find three canvas pieces with the goal that you can make the way for the helipad itself.

The Helicopter Manual Location

The principal thing you are probably going to go over is the helicopter manual, which can ordinarily be found in the kitchen directly over the beginning region. It is normal stowed away in the cabinet straightforwardly before the storm cellar steps.

Strangely, you don’t actually require this thing to get away and can even pilot the helicopter without it, however this will bring about an awful completion where you crash.

The Security Key Location

As its name proposes, the security key is needed to get you into the security room. Fortunately this is one of only a handful few things that you can dependably discover in precisely the same spot without fail. The terrible news is that it is constantly stayed nearby grandpa’s neck.

To diminish him of the key, you can either sneak into his room while he is sleeping or immediately incapacitate him with the immobilizer. Contingent upon your trouble setting, grandpa will be down and out for anyplace between 15 seconds to 2 minutes.

Grandpa Asleep in Granny: Chapter 2

On the off chance that you delay until grandpa is alseep, you will actually want to take the key around his neck.


The Stun Gun Location

Discussing the immobilizer, you will require this weapon not exclusively to guard yourself against the grandparents, yet in addition to finish a shooting display challenge in the storage room. Overcoming this minigame, which expects you to hit three moving targets, is a stage toward opening the overhang entryway.

The immobilizer is one of the more inconsistent things as far as arrangement, however a typical bring forth area is the kitchen microwave.

The Painting Piece Locations

Subsequent to opening the security room and climbing the stepping stool into the loft, you will be faced with a locked entryway. This prompts the helicopter gallery.

To open the entryway, you should find three picture scarps and collect them on a close by show mount. These are presumably the hardest things to discover on the off chance that you are arranging a helicopter escape, as each piece of the canvas can bring forth in up to three unique areas.

The first can be found on either the lounge area floor, in the main room, or in the lawn. The subsequent piece can be found in the main room, on the latrine bowl, or the TV room table. At long last, the third piece can be discovered either in the terrace, on the lounge area table, or in the visitor room.

The Glass Fuse Location

Whenever you have settled the artistic creation puzzle, you will then, at that point need to utilize the glass breaker to deactivate a secret entryway close to the gallery entrance. On the off chance that you don’t have this key thing, you will be not able to advance to the helipad and will end up dropped directly once more into the kitchen.

The glass meld is another article that tends to generate in various areas, despite the fact that it regularly shows up in the lounge area bureau. On the off chance that you end up losing it during your movements, it will ultimately re-generate in the cellar.

The Duct Tape, Helicopter Key and Gasoline Canister

Whenever you have made it past the secret entryway, you will at last arrive at the actual helicopter, just to find that it’s in desperate need of fixes.

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The pipe tape, which can be found in a few draws around the house (frequently in the fundamental room), is needed to patch the wrecked propeller.

In the mean time, the fuel canister is expected to refuel the chopper. In the event that you are sufficiently fortunate, the compartment may generate in a storage directly close to the helipad itself. Else, it is normal found in the ventilation shaft. When you have it, head over the last part of the helicopter and pour the gas until the measure becomes green.

At long last, a key is clearly needed to start departure. This is normally found in the TV room and is mysteriously molded like a plane, instead of a helicopter.

In the event that you get these things, and figure out how to stay away from granny and grandpa en route, then, at that point you will actually want to pause for a minute and watch as your person flies to wellbeing.

Newsweek has distributed various walkthroughs for the primary Granny game, including ones for update 1.6 and update 1.7.

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