Making energy affordable while building a cleaner world

We help in achieving…

Increased Profitability Increased Productivity Increased Life of Generator Increased Life of Lubricating Fluid Provide Cleaner Air
Reduce Fuel Consumption and added horse power by introducing Hydroxy Gas in the Diesel Generators through Air intake. Save Fuel up to 30% and increase sustainability.Increase productivity by making cheaper electricity. Due to the rising cost of electricity and increasing cost of per unit rate of electricity your GenSet can be run for unlimited hours without worrying about the cost of electricity being consumed..By adding Hydroxy, fuel completely burns, and the result is zero carbon deposits in your generators. Plus, Hydroxy removes carbon deposits that are currently in the engine, restoring the combustion chamber to like new conditions Hydroxy in the combustion chamber, does not allow carbon to build up in the lubricating oil which allows a longer run time before oil changes. The lubricating oil will last 80% longer than its recommended life. Saving your investments required in changing the Lubricating oil.Hydroxy also eliminates all of the harmful emissions caused by unburned fuel.

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