You should try the Amazon Alexa app for PC right now

EvoMAG gave us the opportunity to test Amazon Echo Show, Jeff Bezos’ company’s rival for the Google Home Hub. Below you can find the results of the tests performed for almost a month.

amazon alexa app for pc and mobile

The packaging is quite voluminous but elegant. I like the color used for over-cover, that azure that makes you think of the waters that bathe the shores of Greece. As well, the black of the inner box is intense and pedantic. Otherwise, as with any product, we have described the specifications on the box and the product inside. In addition to the speaker, I also found the charger and some information brochures. Classic and minimalist. In addition, because the received model was intended for the American market, evoMAG also sent me an adapter for the local socket. I guess I do that for all their clients, I was no exception.

When I first got my hands on it, it seemed a bit chubby and too… with edges. But the design proved to be extremely practical. As we spend quite a lot of time in the kitchen – not only cooking or eating, but also because going out on the terrace is done there – we placed the device there. Although I put it on a box that houses the bread, it stayed extremely stable there, precisely because it has … edges.

If you look closely at the Echo Show, it looks like an antique, miniature TV. The speaker located in front, which occupies one third of the surface of the entire device, which is found in the same plane as the display. But they are also extremely practical: the sound is propagated from the front and from a fairly powerful and correctly balanced speaker, and the screen is large enough to allow you to watch small videos or touch interaction.

The initial settings are made from the device: plugin, connect it to the wireless network at home, enter the Amazon account, press the screen a few more times, and install the application on the phone. Bonus – if you’ve ever ordered something from their store and you’ve already made an account for it, you can use that one. Download the Amazon Alexa app for PC from

I installed the Amazon Alexa application on my phone, where I logged in with the same account. After I added Echo Show as a used device, and after I paired them, I could give orders from there. But, I liked more the direct interaction with the device, which you could wake up saying Alexa. Simple and easy, right?

In addition, if I wanted to remotely control the Echo Show, I could use Reverb, another Playstore application. What I liked about it was that it didn’t need to be connected to the same network as my device. I mean, when I was in Antalya, I turned on my Radio Romania Actualitati without any problems.

The children liked the fact that she had a camera and they posed or recorded with her. Okay, I didn’t back down either! The files are then uploaded to Amazon Photos, but don’t have too many illusions about their quality!

At the moment I see that evoMag lists Amazon Echo Show only as resealed, at 679 lei (link), which seems to be a decent price. However, keep in mind that it is useful if you want to teach children to converse in English, or if you have compatible devices around the house.

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